Flash and HTML5 telnet clients

fTelnet is a Flash based Telnet client intended to be used by SysOps wanting to provide easy browser based accessed to their BBS system. While it can be used to connect to any telnet server, it has been designed primarily for BBS usage, and so may not work as well for other uses. Due to the unending stream of security vulnerabilities found in Adobe Flash Player, I will likely not be continuing development of fTelnet. It was a necessary evil for awhile, but HtmlTerm is quite capable now and should be able to replace fTelnet in the majority of usage scenarios.

HtmlTerm is an HTML5 based WebSocket client intended to be an alternative to fTelnet for platforms that do not support Flash. It lagged behind fTelnet in features for quite some time, but is now almost up to par (basically RIP support is the only difference now).

I have a new project demonstrating HtmlTerm (confusingly named My fTelnet) that you can view here: my.fTelnet.ca. It's a work-in-progress, and may break at any time, but if you have a minute I highly recommend giving it a try. Please let me know how it works on your various computers / tablets / phones if you do!

Licensing Information

fTelnet and HtmlTerm are free for non-commercial use. The release archives may be freely re-distributed, provided that they remain in their original, un-modified state. The software itself may be incorporated into a larger project, provided the larger project is also free (for example, like Jamie Cameron did for Webmin). A link back to http://www.ftelnet.ca would be appreciated in such uses.

Third-party source acknowledgements

Not all the source used in fTelnet and HtmlTerm was written by me. Below is a list of the libraries/functions pulled from third-party sources:

  • as3corelib (BSD) -- Used by the Graph class to load the JSON encoded stroke font array, used by the application UI to create PNG screen captures.
  • com.dVyper.utils.Alert (no indication of license in source, original blog post [http://fatal-exception.co.uk/blog/?p=69] currently offline) -- Used in various places to display popup dialogs.
  • cubic bezier curve (no indication of license) -- Used in the Graph.Bezier() function.
  • FPC Graph unit (LGPL) -- Used in many functions in the Graph class.
  • Point Inclusion in Polygon Test (custom license) -- Used in the Graph.PointInPoly() function.
  • SineWaveGenerator() (no indication of license) -- Used in the Crt.Beep() function.
  • vtparse (Public Domain) -- Used in the VT1xx parser.
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Wednesday, August 29, 2012
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